Gorgeous Nri Girl Fucked (2022) Niksindian Originals (2022)

Young Rohit took his girlfriend Shalini to show her their new house where they will move in after their wedding in 2 months. Shalini had a heart condition and suddenly had an attack and fell on the floor. Rohit shocked and surprised could not control himself and broke down, when he regained some senses, he cursed his luck that he could not make love with Shalini while she was with him and now she has left him forever. He , however, decided to make love with her beautiful body before it is gone forever. Little did he know that his true love will bring her back to life. The miracle happened as he was deep inside her vagina, she rose…she rose..she came back for him and they both made intense love in the new house.

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Duration: 58 minutes