[18+] Plants Vs Cunts 2

Plants vs Cunts Vol. 2. Ellie Luna gets lost during her walk in the woods. She took the wrong turn and found herself tangled among the vines. At first, it all looked like an accident, but soon it was as if she was attracting the plants to herself. Soon enough, Ellie has , only to wake up without clothes on her body, held down to the ground by vines, and getting her pussy fucked by one. Her desperate moans for help couldn’t help her; instead, she attracted more plant towards her exposed body. Under the moonlight, her crevices got filled with plant cum. It was almost like a wake-up call, and now Ellie couldn’t be held back. She wanted more of that sweet plant nectar, and she would do whatever it took to extract every last drop of it. Enjoy the second installment to the Plants vs Cunts series with Plants vs Cunts Vol. 2!