Haasil (2021) Season 1 Episode 1 Hothitfilms (2021)

Boss is just another word for Arrogant, and The Web series “HAASIL” shows us the true side of the use of Power and Authority. Sania is a Boss in a corporate office and doesn’t like leniency at all. And this Strict nature created an aura in the office which made everyone scared of Sania. No one wants to annoy her Because she used to give hefty punishments even for a small mistake. A Fresher Employee, Sameer, is young, competent, but he had no idea of Sania’s Anger. He was appointed for an urgent task that must be completed before the deadline, but He failed to do so. As a punishment, Sania told him that to do overtime at her house. Sameer went to her house, and something unexpected Drama happened. Sania confessed that she likes him and want’s to explore new levels of work relationships. Sameer hesitated, and later on, he refuses to build a relationship that is against his ethics, but Sania has an extra card of being a boss. She promised him promotions, additional incentives, and job security, in exchange of Romance and all these perks made Sameer change his mind. Watch all Uncut and Uncensored House Scenes only on hothitmovies.com

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Duration: 37 minutes